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Verizon Wireless Network 4G LTE

About Us


Maximus Security, LLC is an information technology (IT) company based on innovative, open technology platforms offering mobile IP surveillance solutions. Our key markets are Farm-Ranch and Agriculture, Developers-Builders and General Contractors, Law Enforcement and Municipalities, along with Property Management and Community Associations.

Maximus’ focus is providing safety and security surveillance as well as remote monitoring where you need it, when you need it regardless if there is power or internet service.

There is nothing revolutionary about the use of mobile applications for surveillance by itself; it is however beyond cutting edge to provide camera surveillance anywhere, at any time and being able to manipulate the cameras with extreme ease. To be able to see what you want to see, to interact (audio & video) with individuals at the other side at that same moment in time. All the while continually recording to review when required.

Maximus Security has assembled the highest quality camera and accessory manufacturers as well as the world’s largest surveillance software company. Our systems integrate with 3G and 4G cell phone technologies, then leveraging alternative solar and wind energy to power the systems. Finally, our unequalled commitment to remain above and beyond the cutting edge with our research and development allows us to surpass all possible competition. All this combined creates Maximus Security’s Advanced Mobile Surveillance™.

Maximus Security has also partnered with the 15th largest company in the nation, Verizon Wireless. We integrate products from Verizon into our Advanced Mobile Surveillance trailers & towers to bring our products well above the competition. Also with the brand recognition Verizon offers, we are capable to bring our Advanced Mobile Surveillance solutions nationwide.

There is a variety of wireless solutions we can offer with the Verizon Wirelss network. One of the most intuitive options we offer is uninterrupted internet power supply, which is a fail safe gateway. Usually if the power goes out so does your internet, then that also means your security cameras are down. However, with Maximus Security's, MaxPower™, fail safe gateway system, your internet power outage issues will be solved. With our system, if the power goes out, the internet backup system is triggered, thus allowing your security cameras and internet to continue to run!

Maximus Security can also provide remote surveillance trailers for agricultural crops, where power and internet is limited, but security is of the utmost importance. High value crops can  be easily disturbed by pests, animals, and theives. Help protect your investments by keeping watch over the area, using state of the art equipment and capabilities to view and control the cameras remotely.  

Contact us now for more information and pricing on any of the products or solutions we can offer.




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